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Walk casually into a small store with a group of friends. Have one person count to three and on three yell, "SNATCH AND RUN, YALL!!"

Grab all food in sight and run out of the store. Don't stop running until you're shot or free.
Shorty walks into a local convenient store with 3 friends. He counts to three very quietly, and yells out "SNATCH AND RUN YALL". The friends then grab all food in sight and run to victory.
by Big John the BEAST March 09, 2006
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Originally from Scary Movie 1. Yelled when you're planning to steal something, kill someone, or anything else bad and make a quick getaway
*You do something bad and have to run away fast*
by gbdjsvofdjhngvbfhtbgb January 31, 2009

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