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Groovy in her own right, Snarkalicious is a woman on a mission. Her mission; is as detailed: cure all constipated children and give shaving advice. She can leap tall buildings and shoot people down with the immense power of sarcasm. Snarkalicious is a powerful entity; however, Snarkalicious (or Snark abbreviated) can also be a gentle soul.
Groovy Snarkalicious is sitting on her couch eating Cheetos and farting along with the Wiggles.
by Snarkalicious January 26, 2005
a really good snide remark at someone
wow, that talk show host is really snarkalicious with paris.
by Spin Sycle April 28, 2006
Sarcastic. A term used exclusively by the kind of pathetic, trying too hard future soccer mamas to whose "jokes" friends can only respond with a blank stare and vague, twitchy attempt at a smile. Seriously, don't ever, ever use this word. It is strictly douchebags.
"Then the waitress at TGI Friday's was like, 'Do you want a doggy bag?' and I was like, 'No, I just want to throw out the other half of this pork chop!' I mean, seriously! She had it coming."

"Wow, girl. Snarkalicious!"
by Not That Kind of Girl August 30, 2009
it is a special word used by people. Some people have the word "snazzy." It is used to describe someone.
Woah, that outfit is snarkalicious.
by snazzy penguin February 23, 2011