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-a fact found under a cap of a snapple bottle

see snapple cap
real snapple facts

#1 A Goldfish's attention span is three seconds.

#2 Animals that lay eggs don't have belly buttons.

#3 Beavers can hold their breath for 45 minutes under water.

#4 Slugs have four noses.

#5 Camels have three eyelids.

#6 A honey bee can fly at 15mph.

#7 A queen bee can lay 800-1,500 eggs per day.

#8 A bee has five eyes.

#9 The average speed of a housefly is 4.5 mph.

#10 Mosquitoes are attracted to people who just ate bananas.
by make.a.wish April 01, 2009
A word used for a fact, often random or uncalled for, you don't really give a damn about. Much like the ones found under snapple caps.

Other use:
The facts found under snapple bottles..


Snap Fact
"Did you know Jamie broke up with Kyle? She said it was because he had the herps."

"Um no... but thanks for the snapple fact"
by Myrealnameisnotmypseudonym October 21, 2011
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