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A way of sayin O Shit without the actual cussing. For example when your around kids or people who would probably slap u for cussin
Snapper Doodles,I shit myself!!!!!!!!

awwww snapper doodles I wasnt supposed to eat the green stuff!!!
by Scoobywags November 12, 2007
Noun. Definition I: Refers to any particular object awesome enough to gain the prefix 'snap.' Also used to further annoy those who dislike the saying, "Oh snap."

Definition II: Expression used to acknowledge an outburst of rage or disbelief
Definition I: "Wow, look at them snapperdoodles!"

Definition II: "Oh, snapperdoodles, I failed the test!!!"
When you snap your fingers to the beat of a song, and you do it while doodling or eating snickerdoodles.
Dude, why are you being such a snapperdoodle tonight
by wordman983 November 23, 2010