A girl that is tight, has a kid and stays/becomes tight again.
That bitch is a snap back, i could bearly get two fingers in her.
by Johnny 613 March 29, 2010
Top Definition
An old school adjustable hat with those snap buttons in the back
I used to wear fitteds but I like the snap back style now.
by mgat August 07, 2010
A flat billed adjustable cap commonly worn by the UDBA (Unoriginal Douche bags of America) You will usualy see these hats being worn with baggy cargo shorts that are worn below the ass, for some God unkown reason, along with an Obey, California Republic, or Diamond T-shirt. Along with low top shoes and the socks that go all the way up the legs.
Douchebag: Yeah man I got so much swag with my snapback!

Me: You look just like every other asshole in the that hangs out at the mall on a Saturday night.
by Angmar July 19, 2013
a hat with an adjustable back. used mainly by lax bros to demonstrate their lax bro-ness.
Lax Bro 1: Yo dude check out that kid with the Hornets snapback.

Lax Bro 2: Dude! That kid is wicked bro.
by H two O March 16, 2011
The capacity of your anal sphincter to contract back to normal size after something is inserted and removed from it.
"I had to retire because my Snap-Back broke," Jenna Jameson said.
by soupdogg August 22, 2012
A hat that you wear on your head when your having a bad hair day
Dude my hair is so shit pass me that SnapBack
by jessj505 January 13, 2015
To send a snapchat so fast that after it sends you still have time to reread the first message sent to you.
OMG man, Jessica just sent me a snapback; she must be hella desperate
by crystalplatinum February 02, 2015
The most useless creation known to man. The brim is too small to protect you from the Sun and a lot people wear it backwards therefore rendering it completely useless. The Snap Back is commonly associated with pussies,swag fags, and wannabe Gangstas. Snap Back wearers are kids who think they are cool for wearing tight skinny jeans, ugly sweaters or t-shirts that say YOLO SWAG or OBEY and overly bright ugly shoes that match with their Snap Backs as well as being completely pathetic losers who are overly sensitive and soft. Snap Backs come in many stupid designs, some have the words "OBEY" on them, a retarded logo that swag fags have adopted, other snap backs have college or sports teams on them usually worn by posers and douche bags who have no affiliation with the college nor are going there and for the one's who wear the sports themed snap backs they aren't even fans of the team and just wear it to look cool when in the reality they look like massive a chode.

Snap backs have a hideous characteristic look, the brim is incompetently stupid. It is completely straight and looks ridiculously inept, it fails to protect the eyes from the son which is what hats are designed for, it also has characteristic Velcro strap on the back that makes it look even stupider and anyone who wears it look retarded. This hat is the dumbest thing ever invented, stick to fitted hats for the love of God. And if anyone past the age of 5 wears it they should be deeply ashamed to call themselves humans.
Swag Fag: Hey whats up Bro, look at my fresh new Snap Back...
Normal Person: Why are you wearing a Georgetown University Snap Back? Your GPA is 1.0 and you are terrible at every sport.

Swag Fag: Fuck School and Sports bro, I have Swag and my Snap Back, that is all I need bro, you are a hater. SWAG BITCH
Normal Person: Please consider ending your life for the sake of the survival of the human race.
by Cracksmoker15 May 24, 2014
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