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When a person is being sly about what they are up to with the opposite sex. Not telling anyone about who they are contacting/seeing.

Snake Derick signs;
-Fake excuses why they can't come out.
-Hiding text messages from others.
-Shifty eyes and cheeky grin when quizzed on the nature of whom they are texting.
-Lying about what they are up to when asked.

Basically being a slimey slithering snake in the long grass when it comes to trying to get with someone from the opposite sex.
Me."Yo Lauri, who you texting over there?"

Lauri."No one" {shifty eyes and cheeky grin}

Me. "What you mean no one, your clearly texting someone, you snake derick!"

Lauri. {Shifty eyes and cheeky grin}

Me. "Cunt"
by Iplegend April 12, 2008
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