somebody who appears to have been snacking on nuts and bolts. can be observed when the mouth is open. busted up teeth or tooth. half of a front tooth. may be associated with a lisp.
"did you see the snagle tooth on that chick? ...she musta been snacking on nuts and bolts!"
by demon1luv July 09, 2006
Top Definition
A tooth in someone's mouth that is longer then normal and is most likely sticking out at an odd direction. When snagle-tooth is plural it is changed to snagle-tooths. The amount of snagle-tooths is only alowed up to three at a time. The snagle-tooths are never placed by each other.
"Look at that guy's snagle-tooths!"
"The pirate had a snagle-tooth".
"Everyone in his family is a snagle-tooth".
by nik March 23, 2004
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