Irregularity in a uniform object.
Like a kink or twist or snag
That wire has a snagle in it
by Andrew July 27, 2004
Top Definition
to poop on your partners face
Do you want to snagle when i get home?
by E. Bear January 21, 2009
1. A female that is of poor breed. often found around closing time at the bars.

2. to snag some tail. often done by trolling at the bars.
yeah picked up a snagle last night! now my dick burns and can't look at myself in the mirror.
by theodore riehl January 29, 2010
One who lacks cerebal activitiy, and advise people to visit centercom computers when he has no clue. Also know as Sewerpeople.
Yo, Snagler my cd-rom is broken! what do i do?
Snagles says "Take it to centercom it happens all the time here, and we just sent it to centercom!"
by SpeKtra September 23, 2005
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