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Anything that is Snacktacular!!! (Great/Awesome)
Hey Rizz did you hear the new Kanye CD, It is snacktime!
by Danktual420 December 17, 2005
two old women having lesbian sex, in an old peoples home.
god, i know what they were doing in the toilets, is it right to eat your tea, in the toilets, nah but snack time in fine,
by dykegirl1993 February 07, 2011
"to have intercourse/ to bang/ to supply the rod"

Snack time is the course between breakfast and lunch and intercourse means "between courses"

copywrite bodons
Im gonna snack time the shit outta her.

What a snack timin idiot.
by Bo the Don January 31, 2011
A synonym to "Fuck"

Snacktime is always spelt as one word.

This word is not patented by Bobby.

Also see: 5 O'Clock Shadow
Bobby prefers to snacktime guys only.

You need to stop snacktiming with Luke in the bathrooms during pre-calc class Bobby.
by Andeh meow January 31, 2011
slang for sex with an air head
Meg: We stopped having snack time after he cheated on me................................ like totaly!
by jork July 23, 2006
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