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Anything that is Snacktacular!!! (Great/Awesome)
Hey Rizz did you hear the new Kanye CD, It is snacktime!
by Danktual420 December 17, 2005
8 6
two old women having lesbian sex, in an old peoples home.
god, i know what they were doing in the toilets, is it right to eat your tea, in the toilets, nah but snack time in fine,
by dykegirl1993 February 07, 2011
2 2
"to have intercourse/ to bang/ to supply the rod"

Snack time is the course between breakfast and lunch and intercourse means "between courses"

copywrite bodons
Im gonna snack time the shit outta her.

What a snack timin idiot.
by Bo the Don January 31, 2011
1 1
A synonym to "Fuck"

Snacktime is always spelt as one word.

This word is not patented by Bobby.

Also see: 5 O'Clock Shadow
Bobby prefers to snacktime guys only.

You need to stop snacktiming with Luke in the bathrooms during pre-calc class Bobby.
by Andeh meow January 31, 2011
0 4
slang for sex with an air head
Meg: We stopped having snack time after he cheated on me................................ like totaly!
by jork July 23, 2006
4 9