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Smunching is what happens when you have a boner and see something so unattractive and disturbing it immediately makes your boner go limp. This is not a gradual softening of the penis, this is going from 12 to 6 instantly. This terrible sight has smunched your boner.
You have a boner, you see your grandma taking a shit, you instantly don't have a boner...you've been smunched.
by oliver pantisoff January 01, 2010
4 7
Saturday morning brunch, generally taken around 10:30am at an excellent local dining establishment.
I got pretty hammered at the club on Friday, but smunch totally cured my hangover!
by Smunchy Smuncherson July 11, 2009
29 9
(n.) Smunch: a form of punishment from consisting of placing a sandwich to someones ear and punching them as hard as possible.

(v.) To Smunch: The act of smunching.

1. Smunch is a punishment associated with Rubs Law
James "Graham was being a doushe in class so Jake went to Smunch him!"
by Rubbage September 04, 2012
2 0
Smoking pot on your lunch break....SMoke lUNCH, get it?

This is the "meal" between smeakfast & sminner
I went home for a smunch and came back to work really relaxed and ready to......wait, what was i saying?
by ihatemetzgar December 23, 2009
7 5
The combo of smash and crunch.
In Star Trek with Captain Kirk those fake rocks should have smunched them instead of bouncing off.
by BunnySlippersox May 26, 2014
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Snacking or eating in a delightful manner
He liked to smunch in his downtime.
Smunching was one of his many hobbies.
She was found at the smunch bar.
by DanDoellion August 22, 2011
1 3
To eat vagina, munch the carpet, falatia. Performing oral sex on a vagina.
Carlita wouldn't let me smash last night so I smunched instead.
by DNirro January 18, 2009
11 13
A cross between "smash" and "crunch" denoting the demolishing of an entity, however is not neccessarily limited to the physical,rather it can also be used post-verbal-crucifixion, adding to the diminishment of he/she/s dignity.
"Man, Fred's parents had a black baby..."
"Their Both white"...."smunched!"
Freds dad = Smunched!
by chief smuncher September 03, 2007
7 9