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Male version of camel toe.
Dude's pants were so tight he was smuggling yo yo's
by Dick "the cheeseman" Pounder July 18, 2008

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This term describes what one would expect a yoyo, shoved into a women’s crotch area, to look like if it where not actually her giant mound of mangle roast beef exceeding the manufactures size recommendations for that particular piece of under garment.

Otherwise know as: Ninja foot, pussy wedgie, camel toe, moose knucle.....
Hey Ken, your moms smuggling yoyos again. Can she do any tricks with that thing.
by Nifkin Diver April 30, 2004
The fatty tissue of a girl's cunt lips bulging around the seem line of her tight pants.
I saw Sarah at the mall today, her pants were so tight, it looked like she had been smuggling yo-yo's.
by Krimp February 12, 2009
describes one who has a camel toe.
by Dave October 12, 2003
another name for a tampon
my girlfriend is smuggling yo-yo's
by delana brewer August 02, 2003