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The rather thick, obnoxious air that surrounds many drivers in the Bay Area, Denver CO, Iowa City IA and other artsy-fartsy, lefty, namby-pamby cities where people drive Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles and think they are doing their part to save the world while in reality they are just dumb.
Slim: "Hey man, it's a beautiful day out here, thanks for inviting me to the Giants/Cubs game. I've never been to the new ball park. But something in the air just doesn't feel right."

Colonel: "Shut up, douche bag you're ruining my driving experience!"

Slim: "Sorry, bro, it's pretty hard to breathe with this giant smug cloud surrounding your head!" (thanks for this one, Colonel- I know I completely stole it from you)
by The Original Slim Bavis April 01, 2009