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The only thing that will beat 4 aces
I flopped a 4 of a kind, but he whipped out his Smith and Wesson, and I gave him the pot hands down
#gun #poker #aces #4 of a kind #cards
by PokerVixen November 06, 2005
the two best friends to bring to any kind of fight.
Cop: "Watch your step, perp."
Perp: "Oh yeah? Who's gonna make me?"
Cop: "Me and Smith and Wesson."
#guns #shooting #firearms #pistol #rifle
by Figleaf23 September 24, 2007
what i will use to ruin your shit if you threaten me.
no, i'm not crazy, i only clean my smith and wesson pistol every day.
#pistol #gun #handgun #ownage #cap
by 4506-1 June 19, 2006
The worlds largest handgun manufacturers in the world. The have some pritty tight guns too. Basically the King of gun making.
Dude did you know Smith and wesson came out with 5 new guns? Man they got a lot of fire power.
#gun #revolver #handgun #gat #sigma
by Lil' wolfie Wolf November 14, 2006
a revolver alot of cops use
Give me a smith and wesson I'll have niggaz undressing

#smith #wessun #niggaz #revolver #cops #undressing
by Phill,daGreat August 17, 2006
a type of police gun ... a pistol ect
me loading a couple of rounds hey fuck a "smith and wesson" and i got my n9ne at my chest and my dime bag of stress weed a fourty ounce of old e and i creeping up some niggas in a mob and a nigga claiming og "pop"
by Andrew H January 31, 2004
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