To Fart or pass gas. To release gas from your ass.
I just made a smiggy from eating that bean burrito.
by Danger T January 12, 2007
Top Definition
A small woodland creature.
did you see that cute little smiggy run through my backyard.

gotta love it! <3
by sssssmeggggg June 17, 2005
a word used to described a good or bad situation based on the tone used when saying the word
i found twenty dollars in my pant, SMIGGY !!!!
by Razewashere July 04, 2010
slang for cigarette
Hey I'll be back in a few minutes I'm gonna step out side and have a smiggy.

Im gonna go relax and have a smiggy.

Hey ill be back im gonnna go smig.
by 40ozToFreedom24 January 26, 2010
it's what we call a cigarette, mix between "ciggy" and "smoke".
you wann go have a smiggy?
by Kelley March 19, 2004
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