abbreviation for suck my dick -- in spanish

pronounced "ess me day"
We went to a club in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and and all i could say to the girl was that i wanted her to "S MI D"
by PRETTY STANDARD May 02, 2008
Top Definition
it means suck my invisible dick . created by a girl group in r.i.
shut up ! go smid hoe
by chesseiloveyou August 15, 2009
When everything's going smoothly and works exactly as you want it to.
when you airgib someone (eg. in quake) or when you've bought something really cheap.
by kretz June 24, 2003
At the United States Naval Academy the term Smid is often used to describe a midshipman who is small in stature. Someone who is skinny.
Hey who is that smid over there?
by 3461 January 08, 2010
It's for texting meaning Suck my imaginary dick
You can SMID 😝
by Unicorness March 18, 2015
Acronym for "Shove Mom Into Wall."
Quite silly and pointless. Suggestion: don't use around mom so she won't know what you're talking about.
Hey Annie! OH, I'm sorry, Hi Annie's Mom! Hey Jill? Got something to say to my mom? OH YEAH!! SMID!

(Annie's mom face looks confused and anxious to find out what on Earth Smid means.)

by I'm ultra sexy October 18, 2011
another way to say "suck my dick" without saying "s my d"
Asshole: Can you give me the answers to the homework
Me: SMID!!!!
by Drew Hawkins April 03, 2008
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