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The male equivalent of sexy.
Girl A: Whoa, that guy was hot!
Girl B: Yeah, totally SMEXY!
by PygmyFluff May 16, 2011
1 2
smart and sexy
Girl1- how do i look in this dress?
Girl2- Lookin smexy
by Chica mysteriosa May 14, 2011
0 1
A person, male or female, that looks very smart yet sexy at the same time. Often used between teens and in chat rooms and forums.
Chris is looking smexy today!
by Tacodaddy April 26, 2011
1 2
A shortened way to define someone as smokingly sexy
V believes B and L are both Smexy!
by Law507 February 22, 2011
1 2
Smoking sexy
I'm very smexy
by ANTI.FIGGLIST October 29, 2010
3 4
To be smart and sexy at the same time.
That college girl is pretty smexy.
by urjealouslol September 02, 2010
3 4
awesomer then sexy

beyond sexy
bob: wow, she's sooo sexy!
joe: no she's better than that, shes smexy!
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