ya use this word when ya see a smoking hot sexy man, he is know as SMEXY! I loved it so much after I met my first smexy man that I had it tattoed on my back
oooh look at that smexy pool boy
by spanky and smexy April 30, 2009
Someone who:
has muscles
loves science/school
has a killer smile. not one similar to the joker's.:D
is tall
My boyfriend Earl is so Smexy.
by Lili33 December 30, 2008
A word used to describes someone who is super sexy with a killer smile.
Everyone loves momo beceause she's freaken smexy. She even makes Cheng fall for her. waaaaaai!!!(waaaaaaai claps and jumps up and down)
by Cheng Zhao April 25, 2008
Someone who is smart and sexy, ie: not chav. SM = smart. Exy= sexy, but with the S from SM :) Also a UK adult site selling sex toys.
Woah, look at him, he's a smexy so and so, I think I might have to shop at smexy and buy a vibrator. Hahaha! :)
by limpydizkit December 06, 2011
The male equivalent of sexy.
Girl A: Whoa, that guy was hot!
Girl B: Yeah, totally SMEXY!
by PygmyFluff May 16, 2011
smart and sexy
Girl1- how do i look in this dress?
Girl2- Lookin smexy
by Chica mysteriosa May 14, 2011
A person, male or female, that looks very smart yet sexy at the same time. Often used between teens and in chat rooms and forums.
Chris is looking smexy today!
by Tacodaddy April 26, 2011

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