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to hit someone in the face with your penis (or strap-on)

also smerfed, smerfing
I pulled out and smerfed her at the last sec, did ya know jizz can give you pinkeye?
by Ce'nedra April 15, 2005
A fucking dirty ass slut. A wide set vagina and a constant desire to give head are highly encouraged traits to become a smerf.
"Dude, I went to this girls house and when I walked in her room she had at least 90 used condoms hanging on the wall, I asked her what they were for and she said they were all the guys who had dicks 5 inches or bigger.............whatta smerf"
by fuck0ff January 06, 2012
To smell or fondle a person's hair in an amorous fashion.
Did you just smerf me?
by claire54 July 10, 2008
originally from san francisco ca. A cool group of kids that do smerkish stuff and get away with it.
Those smerfs just stole my cigarrettes.
by lilsmokeeshopShorty September 23, 2010
(V.) to put a blue food dye in a woman's vagina when fucking without her noticing
man 1: some girl was ripping on my friend real bad so i smerfed her during a one night stand. damn was she pissed when she found out. lol
by Dark Demon Troll June 27, 2010
a damn communist
The smerfs are blue, no they are green adjust your TV. those damn color changing communist!
by Pimp T-Dawg March 05, 2003
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