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People who are overly obsessed with Call Of Duty online, and compulsivly play for days on end; thus ruining their social life and making anything they talk about relate to their latest online adventure. Usually sad school children or fat american guys with no life.
A person who repeats to everyone how many kills they have got on call of duty can be described as a 'smelly COD fish'.
Word came about because the nasty verbal annoyance can be compared to the smell of a rotting cod fish, caused by call of duty(cod)
sgtdeath301: OMG that guy yesturday was like tenth prestige and i just completely no-scoped him.
deathman21:(nerdish laugh) huhuheh dude, i was pewning these noobs for like 10 hours man.
normal guy1:jheeze, those two are sad
normal guy2:they are such smelly COD fish
(cool people walk away)
sgtdeath301:WAIT, i got 33 kills and called in 7 uav's ...
by theendoftime February 19, 2009
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