An extra-meaningful word similar to "slander".
"People like to run smear campaigns about the Bush'll also see LOTS of smear campaigns in high school."
by Dave May 19, 2004
Top Definition
A dirty political campaign run against your opponent, using exaggerations, lies, and/or quotes taken out of context, in an attempt to scare or disgust the public against that candidate.

See also: the 2012 Obama re-election campaign against Mitt Romney
The 2012 presidential election used a smear campaign against Romney, implying that he didn't pay taxes, had a war on women, went around with his dog tied to the car, was a high school bully, hated 47% of the country, and was nothing but a rich greedy douche. The Obama administration, Mother Jones and some members of the media used dirty tactics. Too bad, the economy probably would be much better if he were president, but we'll never know now.
by ChickadeeDoo January 29, 2014
A bowel movement that leaves considerable feces stains on the toilet bowl. Specifically one so repulsive that others will not want to use the toilet afterwards.
Dude, I'm just gonna piss in your laundry tub. Jeff ran a nasty smear campaign on your toilet and I can't stand to look at it.
by Bazooka Joe November 15, 2007
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