The love of my life. Since the first day i layed my eyes on him, i wanted to enter him, in a sexual manner.
by Craig March 27, 2003
Top Definition
Subject matter expert (frequently used in business, originally heard at AT&T). Original meaning was the person who was knowledgably about the subject, has now become a somewhat pejorative term for someone who just knows the facts but has no power to make a decision. (Sometimes confused with/pronounced like shmo).
(Original use:) Check with SME to find out how to get the service provisioned. (Current use:) He will not be able to get anything changed, he is just the SME.
#subject matter #telecommunications #business terms #expert #shmo
by kbar1 May 11, 2007
Social Media Entitlement Syndrome.
Characterized by:
1. Feeling and behaving as if one should be granted certain privileges (event access, free products, job offers) because he/she is well-known in social media.
2. Expecting all-access to an individual’s private life because he/she occasionally posts personal items in social networks.
3. Acting like it’s acceptable and normal to piss (bombard w/comments, tweets, DMs) on someone’s social stream.
4. Demanding that people retweet your content, and resenting them if they don’t.
5. Assuming that because you correspond with someone via social media, you should be invited to every social gathering that person plans or is involved with.
"Knock it off... get a life or, at least, treat your SMES... fucktard.
#social media #entitlement #privacy #social networks #facebook #twitter
by rperazag June 27, 2010
small to medium enterprise(s)
small to medium sized enterprises
SME(s): Hang on tight for a tough financial year ahead
#business #self employed #venture capital #family firm #accounting #banking #limited liability #partnership #corporation(ant)
by chadcam December 18, 2011

An acronym for Shit, Masturbate, Eat.

Usually what one does after a night of work.
Aaron: Hey, upload that video

Ahmad: I will later bruh, I just got off work so I'm gonna SME.
#shit #masturbate #eat #food #poop #college
by lololwhiteamerica December 12, 2011
sme;Sme's;Smeed pronounced (Shmee)
1)A moronic and/or lethargic poser or goon.2)a harmless fill in for an abusive term when authority is present.
1)"OH man check out homie lazin around, what a sme"
2)"He whipped out his piece and I was like what the (at the sight of a teacher) sme"
#randomer #poser #fake #goon #dandruff
by MK-HIZZLE September 24, 2007
This term or title is often used in the work force, to declare an individual a "Subject Matter Expert." Office douches that are appointed to this position are most commonly "experts" only when it comes to "Satisfying Men's Erections."
Ron the SME that he is, took one sweet hungry hard look at Dave's erection. Knowing exactly how to handle that, he began to shout "Come here big boy!"
#deepthroat #anklegrabber #m4m #officegays #erection
by PresidentSantis January 20, 2015
The act of working for complete morons that have the vocabulary skill of a literary genius but the common sense of kid with down syndrome that just smoked crack.
"Dude my job sucks, this is a total SME job!"
#sme #morons #idiots #job #crack #down syndrome
by isoskepsis September 22, 2011
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