abbrieviation for the popular phrase, Suck My Dick.
You no what I say to that....S.M.D
by MNoB March 20, 2007
Stands for Suck My Dick. Origin from Enowww.
"Hey man"

"Hey, whats up?"

"SMD son"
by Wasp2012 May 29, 2012
1. share my drink; used when at a party or at any event where there are limited drinks and a lot of people
2. shake(ing) my dick; when shaking your head just isn't enough
3. suck my dick; nuff' said
4. save my dad; when your father is in incredible danger and using full words would just be wasting time
5. sausage my dish; when you would like to be served sausages
1. Hey girl. SMD, its pretty tasty and satisfying.
2. You are so stupid. SMD.
3. SMD!
4. HELP! My dad is dying! SMD!
5. I'm sooo hungry. SMD.
by SallyHansen July 14, 2011
Shaking my dick.
I can't find any Trukfit boxers online smd.
by R. Kelly XXL November 20, 2012
Abbreviation for "Sell Me Drugs". Used by many when wanting to
a) disguise the true meaning of the phrase "SMD"
b) purchase drugs
c) purchase drugs from someone while having a little "extra fun"
Tom: "Hey, Jack, how about you SMD."

Jack: "No, man, that's disgusting!"

Tom "Geeze, I just wanted some crack."
by Voltron22 August 06, 2012
Although sometimes thought to have a sexual connotation, SMD can also be used as "Saw/See Me Dominate". Mostly this version of the acronym is used in competitive settings such as a race, or a game.
Wow! Did you SMD in that last cross country race?!

Do you think the other team SMD?
by runXC2013 October 02, 2013
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