A word that is used whenever a person so desires. It can mean almost anything. The term was started by an amatuer land-surveyer in Elmhurst Illinois while on the jobsite. He was talking to a co-worker and friend about how this other guy they both knew did a real benson move that totally just totally sucked. So he said "Dammit dude! I just know he's gonna' puss' out on going to my lakehouse, and it will totally smaxxon-bonerz. What a benson dude!"
Man I'm so pissed, this is a total smaxxon.
by Tweezey Calabrezey July 08, 2006
Top Definition
A completely ambiguous term that can be used anytime/ anywhere a person feels compelled to do so. (however, it is usually used in senteces where a high amount of gravity is sought. It Most commonly replaces a verb or adj. and it is often directly followed by the word bonerzwhich is pronounced bo-nairs).
1."Dude this beer is totally smaxxon" (meaning: this beer is totally fucking good.)
2. "Holy shit dude, Jessica smaxxon boners!" (meaning: Jessica is sooo fucking sweet-dick hot.)
3. Man, my dad has been a total smaxxon lately (meaning: My dad has been a total duesch-bag lately.)
by Smaxxon Valdez July 06, 2006
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