Smart Asain
Matt nguyen is not a smasian
by Cameron Taylor October 08, 2011
Top Definition
A combination of the words smexy and asian. It means smexy asian. Used as a compliment for items that are sexually asian or for asians who are smexy(sexy).
Tina: "Hey that asian guy is kinda cute."

Jackie: "Thats one cute smasian."
by cuhzimthebombb April 16, 2009
A crazy asian. Someone originating from Asia, who isn't mentally correct, or has mental disibilities. Mostly used to make fun of Asians who are smarter then us white people, because we cannot think of a more creative put-down.
I met a guy named Josh on myspace, and he was crazy. I later discovered he was an Asian, so now he is my smasian.
by Tyler James Smith August 02, 2006
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