When a female moons you by bending over so far that she presses her vag against a window, as in a car window. The image of a hairy vulva and red/pink labia looks like a smashed animal.
Guy: the other night after the party I mooned a car full of girls, then one of them responded and pulled a smashed rat on us.
by Raunch Beard April 02, 2010
Top Definition
Slang for the mons pubis and outer labia. Refers to the striking similarity the vagina has to carnage.
i gotta trim this shit before he bites my smashed rat
by meatpop October 28, 2005
When you create a fruit bowl and smash it on a window
That dude just gave us a smashed rat and he left some fromundacheese on the window at the same time
by j_slider January 05, 2005

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