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The most prized item in Super Smash Bros Brawl. This item floats around the screen and must be attacked by the players in order to break it's shield. The smash ball's shield diminishes over time, too. Once a player shatters a smash ball, that player can then perform a final smash.
Player 1: "A smash ball!"
Player 2: "Back off, it's mine!"
by singNstache711 May 01, 2008
The worst thing to happen to super smash bros. The prized weapon of choice for noobs and weak players. Breaking one enables you to use cheap lopsided moves to kill people better than you.
"Are smashballs on?"

"Fuck no! I don't play that punk bullshit.
by SmashAuthority December 10, 2013
An inside game similiar to baseball where you hit the volleyball with a bat and you had to go down and back, but you didn’t have to run until there was 3 runners on one side.
Tom sucks at smashball, but D is Good.
by SmashBallChamp April 14, 2009
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