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to be be drunk, wasted or hammered. It also used as slang for many sexual acts. This word was started in the Kansas State university town of Manhattan, Kansas. It is often used in the place of the word "fuck" or "fucked", or can be used as a greeting to friends at a bar or party. Sometimes it is used to point out females in the area.
"hey did you check out the rack on those smarjjes over there" or " I just got done with work ya wanna get smarjed and try to smarj some chicks." It is often times used as a greeting to answer your phone or great a buddy "Hey smarj"
The most common use of the word is as followed "dude, you were so smarjjed last night you were buying everyone in the bar drinks." This word is almost always used in a positive way and rarely has any negative connotations, but it can be used very loosely and in the place of many words such as very versatile word such as "fuck".
by Beau Blackwell June 13, 2008
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