When heroine is injected into a vein in the penis while a man is orgasming. It is intended to exponentially increase pleasure.
I heard that the smacky jack feels like heaven. I want to try it but I don't have a girlfriend or any smack!
by Loube June 19, 2006
To inject heroine into an erect penis just before orgasming. The effect is both explosive and calming. The combination of stimulant and downer exponentially increases the pleasure of each.
I wanted to try the smacky jack last night, but I was all out of smack!
by Loube July 29, 2006
Smacky Jack is the act of shooting heroine into a vein in the penis just before orgasming. The combination has an overwhelmingly explosive then soothing effect.
Wow, I tried the smacky jack for the first time... and it was EXTREEEME!!!
by Loube June 26, 2006

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