disrespectful comments made toward or about someone

all through the interview, all he did was talk smack about A-Rod...not cool!

"don't lay any of your smack on ME, flip!"
by ColdOne November 14, 2005
by dladgross July 10, 2008
Any manner of lowlife individual who partakes in promiscuous anal intercourse with any and all willing participants.
I dropped my car keys the other day and when I bent over to retrieve them, WHAM! this Smacks comes up and rams his dick into my ass!
by Zarr January 20, 2004
A collective of three or more live pigs in any given location.
The smack of pigs were flung hither and thither as the tornado ripped through the countryside.
by 8Gh0st8 January 31, 2011
to spit game at a joint or to hit on a girl. to flirt with a girl and try and get her number
Man, she looking vicious go smack
by kING bREEZY August 18, 2008
Abbreviation of "smack-ass"

A person who is rude, obnoxious or vulgar; a jerk or asshole

Commonly used by someone to refer to a person that is telling them things they don't want to hear
Mike: Laura, why aren't the dishes done?

Laura: I'm sorry, I was busy.

Mike: I'm at work all day and when I get home the first thing I have to do is clean. Why are you never able to save me that trouble?

Laura: I do have other things to do, you know.

Mike: Like what, watch QVC, eat cookies, and sleep?

Laura: You know what, you're a real smack!

Mike: And you're a useless piece of shit! Now that we've stated the obvious, where's my dinner?
by PinkFloydManiac1973 January 02, 2012
good food, the usage is in reference to the the sound one's lips make when eating tasty food.
Let us go get some smack and In and Out.
by maccam1123 October 14, 2009
To try to holla at a girl, not caring if you get carried our.
Im going smack at all these bitchs tonight at the club.
by D. J. Lewis June 04, 2009
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