A skinny, pale person with missin or black teeth. Usualy from a council estate. buys and sells stolen goods, sells drugs 2 kids. and in laymans terms - scum of the earth!
"That, Charmaine from the yellow estate looks lyk a smack rat, dont you think?"
by kim1985 January 31, 2010
Top Definition
user of heroin.....
look at that smack rat...hahahahha
by kye May 30, 2004
A person who takes hard drugs and is skiiny and pale.
Often seen riding at night on stolen girls mountain bikes or trying to sell items of stolen equipment to feed there habbit.
"Get out my shed, you robbing smack rat".

"Oy smack rat, put it back its not yours".

"How much for that flymo ya smack rat".
by twinkle k March 21, 2009
A person who begs for money, stereotypically considered to be a drug user. Well, to be fair, they usually are.
"Let's go into town and throw stuff at smackrats."
by John Delonge April 08, 2006
1.) Ghetto Female who is influenced by narcotics.
1.)This <i>smack rat</i> is buggin'.
by Iranian Hitler March 27, 2005
A Smack Head who begs for money.
Stacy Farrell (Some girl i know)
by Shmogul January 27, 2005
a person with a heroin addiction, mainly found lurking in alleys and sewers, they are grey in colour and are of a skelletal build, they are sensitive to sunlight which is why they only come out at night to score or beg or steal, usually wearing long sleeves.
see trainspotting. a film based on smackrats in scotland.
by southwalessniper December 14, 2009
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