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An inbred sheep dickin', illiterate / hillbilly-d poppin', white trash (or not) southern racist with a heroin or opiate addiction. Known for fathering several younger brothers (Leroy, Luke and Levi), and a sister named May (aka mama) in an effort to boost the working population for the family's All Natural Fertilizer business. A cracker so dumb, they stole Oxytocin instead of Oxycontin from the drug store cause they couldn't spell. A cracker so dumb, they still use manure as the "secret ingredient" for binding the Sowbelly n' Tuna Croquettes.
Luke: How many times do I have to ask you May, to sleep in my bed and keep me warm. Don't make me insist on it now.

May: You're not the only one in this family with problems.

Luke: When my brother, I mean my daddy is dead and buried, I'll be the next one in line to be gettin' with you regular like.

May: That's fine thinking Luke! You mean to tell me, "when that smack cracker brother father of our's dies for the hell he has caused this family's gene pool", you gonna be my daddy too?

Luke: Who said anything about gettin' a pool!
by Tbird January 22, 2007
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