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An owner of slum property, especially one that overcharges tenants and allows the property to deteriorate.
Yo, my slum lord T to the J Smitty painted over the mold on my walls to fix it ... At least he picked a nice color.
by polarbigi December 20, 2006
People who own property and rent it out to low income people for more than the property is worth and never bother to keep the rentals up to health code standards. Rich people who make their money victimizing low income families.
We asked the land lord to fix the leaky water faucet, and get rid of the cockroaches, but he won't do it; the guy is just another 21st century slum lord.
by Merrily McCarthy July 17, 2003
A person who lords over a slum (crappy apartment builing, townhouse complex, etc). ie a stupid bastard landlord
The slumlord came into my flat and was like "Where's my goddamned rent you nigger infested squirrel?!"
by Cooze #2 August 23, 2004
A person to maximizes their profits by overcharging for rent and refusing to maintain proper upkeep of the place.
That slumlord totally screwed me over. She took all the rent and deposit fees on the place and ran. When the AC went out and the place was flooded by a burst water piper, she was MIA. Word on the street is that she lives in a mansion and could afford to have the 30 year old AC replaced but chose not to since she's one stingy bitch.
by saxman1925 July 29, 2012
A landlord who tries to maximize profits by not maintaining properties until threats of condemnation and charges more than the property's worth.

They usually own a-LOT of properties and those properties usually are in the ghetto while they are living in gated communities and mansions.

They don't care who they rent to or what the condition of the properties are in, just as long as they get rent money.

They will rent to the biggest pieces of shit on earth such as violent sex offenders, crack heads, jailbirds, white trash, alkys, junkies, thieves, gangbangers, or just plain assholes.

Usually only accept rent in cash to avoid taxes, may have a history of tax evasion charges, and serve alot of evictions.

When something goes wrong with the house due to neglect, the slumlord usually blames the tenants and raises the rent because he had to fix it.

Most slumlords do not give background checks or charge security deposits. However, if they do give a background check and you have a criminal history, no problem! They will let you move right in. And if they do charge security deposits, they will keep it and say ("you damaged the property more than the security deposit is worth, but i'm going to be nice not take you to court") just to psyche you out of suing him.
My house is falling apart, full of mold, mildew, rats and cockroaches and the roof is leaking. There is exposed wiring, broken windows, gaping holes in walls, lead paint peeling from the woodwork, and crack heads living upstairs. In the basement, there is a sewage leak and missing or broken structural beams AND THE LANDLORD AINT DOING SHIT ABOUT ANY OF THAT!!! He even rented out the downstairs apartment knowingly to a child molester fresh out of prison knowing I have 3 young children living with me. Then after I finally moved out, he had the balls to withhold my security deposit and take me to court saying i destroyed the apartment (eventhough i left it in better condition than when i moved in) and said that I didn't pay rent for 3 months. What a slumlord!

The building is now condemned and boarded up HA HA HA.
by A WHITE GUY September 25, 2013
(Not to be confused with slum lord): the most "socio-economically" affluent tenant of a given slum or shanty town.
I'd rather be a slum-lord than a drug lord
by sexydimma November 18, 2014
A rich person who over charges a run property to low income families. Neglecting the property, and tenants. Who uses the rental payments for their own personal needs instead of maintaining the property.
A slum lord would rather go skiing in Aspen with your rent, instead of fixing the broken roof. 2. My slum lords really dont care if the furnace broke in January. They replaced it with another broken one when they got back from Hawaii in April.
by Ralph Douglas July 25, 2015
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