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having sex with a pre-op transvestite with a non-working penis
I mean, yah, it's a dude, but slug fucking doesn't make me gay does it?
by scooby_snack4u November 24, 2008
A general state of chaos or disarray. Similar to clusterfuck.


The ancient British originally used the word 'fuckslug' in situations where the word 'fuckton' was too hyperbolic and generally just over the top. With a decline in the use of slugs as a mass unit, the seventeenth century saw a reversal of the word into 'slugfuck', and a further evolution of its meaning to the current usage.
Rob: Wait a second - is it ton, tonne, or tun? God, this whole system is a complete slugfuck.

Steve: I know. Fucking brits.

Rebecca: Seriously.
by ploomp December 19, 2011
Punching a woman in the head while you're fucking her
"When I was banging Lisa, I didn't know what to do with my hands ... so I slugfucked her !" Synonym: 'LoveTaps'
by MrHunghorse June 05, 2007
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