A game in which people look for VW Beatles. Whoever sees one first gets to pick someone in the car to punch. Rules vary from car to car but the most common are
-1 punch for a beatle
-2 punches for a VW bus ("double slugbug")
-If someone punches you and it turns out there was no beatle, you can tag back (give them a return punch).
-Once a car has been tagged on, it can't be reused until the car you're riding is has been turned off and turned back on.
-The new beatles don't count.
"Slug bug!" Punch. "Double slugbug!" Punch punch.
by Karenkaren December 28, 2005
Top Definition
A game where you slug someone whenever you see a VW Beetle.
Slug Bug! No backsies!
by Slugger August 28, 2004
This is where you slug someone when your in a car and see a VW Beetle. Also if you get out of your car turn it off, and get back in the game is reset so you can use already seen VW Beetles.
Hey Slug Bug no backsies!!
by superman February 24, 2005
slugbug is a game where when you see a volkswagon bug you slug someone in the arm and say "slugbug,new school{or old school},blue, {or whatever} no hitbacks !"
slugbug! old school red convertible no hitbacks
by jerjer April 16, 2006
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