"Something like that."

Used when you aren't completely sure of the accuracy of something you've said.

Can also be used when you don't care enough to go in full detail about something.
He said he'd call again about taking you out or SLT.

A: What did he say? Where did he take you? How did it go??
B: We went out. It was good. SLT
by jppolarbear December 08, 2011
Means slut. Used in chatrooms, IRC, etc.
fuk ur such a fkin slt, gawwd
by calvinownsj00 May 17, 2005
Infamous ut2k4 gaming clan, Abbreviation of Single Lava Twilights. Been around since 2004 and still going strong
Somebody saying SLT^ wouldbe referring to the clan by its tag.
by m3rc April 25, 2007
Short for slut used in IRC or other chatrooms.
Fuk b1tch ur such a fkin slt, gawdz
by calvinownsj00 May 17, 2005
south lake tahoee
a very gay city full of Drama.
where you find drugss.
and stoners
and dumb tourists who think
tahoe is the shizz.
tourist: Omgahh slt is so pretty
local:fuck tahoe now lets go smoke a blunt
by billllybobnizerminy May 25, 2008

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