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the slowest buffalo is the chick at the bar, when you walk in, that you KNOW you can take home and have your way with. the chick that is down for anything, usually overweight with too much make-up. gives a good meaning to the phrase: "Hey, I may not be good looking, but I put out." One thing that is very important if your going for the slowest buffalo, is that you have to consume a remarkable amount of alcohol to go through with the kill. usually slurring words and a blunt pass such as, "heyyyou, you wanna fuck?" will work just about every time.
Rizzle: yo jammin, you see her over there? i think i'm gonna go in for the kill.
Jammin: goin for the slowest buffalo?
Rizzle: its a distinct possibility
Jammin: SHOTS!!!
Rizzle: If your buying!
by Jamsalot January 24, 2007
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