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The art of evading a person/persons without them noticing you
Dude, dont take another step. Joes grandmother didnt see us yet. Lets just slow back before she catches our scent and makes us chop firewood or something.
by TatredMaxall October 25, 2007
5 1
Similar to a slowp, a really slow comeback or quip that is often also lame or pathetic.
"Hahaha, I can't believe're so pathetic..."
"Ohhh yeah well...uhhhh..."
"Any day now..."
"UHhhhhh...your mom."
"Nice slowback, dude..."
by TFE September 05, 2007
4 1
Another way to call someone slow, retarded, or stupid.
Dude 1: I forgot where I was going again...

Dude 2: to the bathroom you slowback!
by Fox's Girl July 10, 2008
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