Someone, usually a girl, who gets so drunk and can't hold their alcohol. Usually ends up with drunk tweets and facebook statuses.
Yo, did you see that chick's facebook status from last night?

Yeah man, she so sloppy!
by sloppypoppy August 07, 2011
The act of putting saliva on one's penis before masturbating.

This can be in the form of directly spitting upon one's genitalia or somehow placing saliva upon your hand. The saliva can belong to anyone. Those who sloppy are known to scream/shout "Sloppy!!" upon reaching climax and are called 'Sloppyheads', 'Sloppers' and 'Slopdogs' amongst other names.
That was one hell of a sloppy! ! !
by Slopdog1 March 18, 2010
A person not prepaired 4 life i.e. Ryan Wogansky
Do u see the way he walks, hes sloppy as hell
by ryanissloppy August 09, 2010
The act of receiving either a blowjob involving lots of saliva or sex with a very wet vagina. Not always a good thing but good enough to do whatever she wants for it
Stalder: "Grant you are so whipped"

Grant: "I'll do whatever she wants as long as I'm getting that sloppy"
by thebananaslayer March 31, 2014
To be sloppy is too be dusty and musty and crusty and busty. Many girls and guys In Irving Texas are sloppy. Dont be the person everybody be like "Oh, ____ That girl is SLOPPY!" "Oh SLOP CHOP"
Liss "Dude, did you see that sloppy ass bitch Steph last night?"
Me "Hell yeah looking extra sloppy ol slop chop 9000"
by nwowittybitty May 19, 2011
Sloppy is the 2nd term in " The Crew's Definition of Drunk Levels."'re getting there. Quite Possibley thee perfect definition of Bess. In this case, you are usually walking around, mayyybe slurring a couple words together, but it still comes out classy. Always Stay Classy. You usually end up going around talking to older Boys, and or younger Girls, and become BBF's with them for that One Night. Sloppy people are sloppy. If you are around them, I can guarentee a drink spilt on you sometime that night. But don't worry, they'll help you clean it up, with a giannnt smile on their face, which they can't help, because they are having a riot.
"Bess was soooooooo sloppy last night. I'm pretty sure that she manned up 4 times that night."
by StanC-walk August 02, 2006
1. Poorly Done
2. A person who does thing's poorly or who messes them up.
3. You just kinda get what it means.. its to hard to explain.
Dude you are so sloppy.

If you dont get what sloppy means just by hearing it, your a retard.
by l2yan April 16, 2006

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