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Slut and Hooker mixed together
to say to people and them not notice ur saying something bad
that slooker can go lick a shoe
by intoface August 29, 2009
a very dirty, slutty hooker
i want my flippin money back you dirty slooker
by paco martinez March 02, 2005
Getting ones ball sack caught in a bicycle chain while riding
holy crap that is one bad slooker!
by torra borra May 19, 2004
A mixture between the Latin: SLUT (female who toys with multiple men's hearts simultaneously/sleeps around) and the word of Papa New Guinean origin: HOOKER (a human/pretty much any life form that auctions of sex if promised some sort of payment in return)
Autumn Gibbons is a Slooker
by Mitch Rivkin January 19, 2011