(slizz-E) 1. Adj. Describing the nature of being a slizzle.
2. N. Same as above, oftentimes used as a noun in place of slizzle.
I bet that slizzy bartender over there can run a train and mix a perfect martini at the same time!
by Marasmus June 04, 2003
Top Definition
vulgar. another word for a girl who's a slut.
Damn, look at that girl over there, all over those three guys! Definitely a slizzy
by Anonymous October 24, 2001
When someone gets extremely drunk with their friends and has a great time. Slizzy people are nice drunks, NOT mean drunks. Slizzy people are fun to be around, even if you are not as drunk as them. Getting to the point of being considered slizzy generally involves binge drinking, and is widely practiced by college students. Slizzy people love music, dancing and fist pumping.
Lets go make some G+T's and get slizzy dude!

I don't really remember much from last night, I was pretty damn slizzy.

I love getting slizzy with my friends!
by SlizDaddy207 March 15, 2011
The word used for Slut when you don't want them to know what it means.
That girl Saasha wanted to rip but became a slizzy.
by Mbenga January 03, 2010
the period of intoxication between "tipsy" and "drunk"
Guy #1 - "How you feelin, bro?"
Guy #2 - "Dude, i'm fucking slizzy."
by Crayze11 April 06, 2010
to be right before the stage of being faded or completely fucked up and your perception miserably fails in an instant and words begin to slur.
Ma nigga these drinks got me slizzy.
by jayflowtheILL.one July 29, 2012
i fuckin' love summer! there's always slizzies running around waving their vaginas everywhere!
by J wu February 01, 2011
Short for Slizabeth - the name given to the select few that have been to the point of being slizzard
Dang! Look at slizzy he/she is dropping it low to the floor! He must like his/her beats fast, and the bass down low.
by Slizabeth:) November 15, 2010

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