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Have you ever been in a situation where you could have done significantly less work and achieved the same outcome? Haven’t we all. Well you, my friend, fell victim to “slippin on your slackin”.

The phrase “slippin on your slackin” is appropriately used when an individual exerts an unnecessary amount of effort only to achieve the same results as the asshole who did little to no work.

For example, back in elementary school, my teachers would use the first few classes to emphasize the point to read ALL the directions before beginning a test. So how would they ensure people to do this, you ask.. Well they would create an exam composed of an assortment of thirty or forty relatively easy questions broken down into numerous sections with lots of specific directions. Easy enough, so you read the directions with a magnifying glass and any idiot could ace the exam. Yeah right, if only that were the case. These smartasses would write in small print at the very end of the exam, “Don’t fill in any of the above sections, simply write your name at the start of the test, hand it in and you will receive a perfect, 100%” … As you can imagine only about two people in the class would actually read all the directions prior to completing the test.

Well all but those two jerk offs, myself included, were effectively “slippin on their slackin”. They exerted t more effort than did the two students who did essentially nothing only to receive a fraction of the grade.
(For any asshole who is still not catching on)


(Your wife enters your house unexpectedly)

You: "Fuck! I literally just did the laundry 10 minutes ago"

Your Son: "Damn dad, you're slippin on your slackin"
by jay bunzz October 03, 2011
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