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A long slender meat that millions of people put in there mouths everyday until they can swallow what is left of it.
My girlfriend loves slim jims.
by Awesome0000000001 June 06, 2009
to be a dick; be slimey; to dodge a question
Where you ask somebody a question and they dodge that specific question; then you ask a non-related question and they answer.

You: Hey, you do the work for class?
Jim: .... (no answer)
You: you see those yankees?
Jim: yeah, they real good

that's a slim jim aka slim jimmin aka slime jime
by max pow3rs November 29, 2009
When a female rips off a male's genitals then puts it in an oven and cooks it 1-3 hours, then uses it for a strap on for use on her sexual partner.
Johnny was walking down the street when Maria suddenly spotted him, then pulled down his pants, tore off his genitalia, ran home, baked them at 450 degrees, then invited her partner to gang bang with still festering detached Wang. Johnny then ran down the street screaming. Guess he wasn't too fond of the slim Jim he received!!
by festeringfetus December 26, 2010
A sexual act in which one shoves a slim jim entirely up one's ass, then squeezes it out. The other person then does the same thing, then the two eat the stick of beef until they passionately makeout.
Me and some random ate a slim jim last night.
by crundle_fairy October 19, 2010
A popular meat product composed almost entirely of detached Skinginas. Slim Jims also contain traces of horse semen, elephant clitoris (along with other forms of genitalia), and old-people piss.
Guy 1: What is this shit in my Slim Jim?
Guy 2: Oh that? That's just a piece of Skingina.
by Somewhiteguy1994 April 26, 2009
A very thin and wrinkly penis that comes in any size
did u seriously suck his slim jim?
by abester January 09, 2008
a long small skinny penis, a girthless penis
After brian bear slipped his slim jim in that mandy moore bitch's mahogony slide, he pulled out and mosbied on her back and then proceeded to give her a sunkin rowboat!!
by slimmy jimmy October 04, 2006