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Almost no choice of chicks/dudes to date in a certain group of people.
Dude, all the chicks in my class are fugly! That's slim pickins dude...
Dude, there are only three girls in this room and like 17 guys. Slim pickins man....
by Seamus McCabe August 01, 2004
Skinny little guy at the bottom of the hit list, thinks he's all tough.
Gangsta : Hey Slim Pickin'! We have bigger fish to fry now, but one day we're gonna get your ass!

Slim : I own, u ain't got nothin! U ain't own me!

Person 1 : Just ignore him, let's go down to the beach.
Person 2 : Ya he ain't nobody, he's just a Slim Pickin'!
by Taeko Hentie April 08, 2006
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