Eminem's (former) alter-ego, until he got clean like 2 years ago, now he's coming up with some pretty shitty songs. He was better before he got clean.
Me: What's your favorite song by Eminem?

Other guy: Not Afraid. That shit is AWESOME!

Me: Fuck you. Stan is WAAAAAY better. I miss the Slim Shady days.
by DarkNite1111 November 11, 2010
The name Marshall Matthers used (past tense) when he wrote song under the influence of drugs, unlike his present-day crap.


His name when he actually wrote good music before this whole Recovery bullshit.
1. Do you listen to Slim Shady?

2. Yeah he's awesome!

1. Recovery is a great album!

2. false, recovery is not slim shady, the eminem show and his early shit is slim shady
by AnAngryShadyFan November 07, 2010
A closeted homosexual bottom who enjoys rough receptive sex administered by large African American tops.
Eminem is a slim shady, as are most rappers.
by 2pak Sixpak November 28, 2009
Referring to a white male who acts like a stereotypical black male originating from the nickname of white rapper, Eminem
They kid is such a slim shady.
by cerealkiller182 October 31, 2005
Alias for rapper Eminem aka Marshal Mathers. A light skinned individual who acts black. Shady/shade refers to an area or a space of partial darkness. The slang is used to describe a person with dark/black skin.

Slim Shady raps for Shady/Aftermath
by Jokum Istanbul October 02, 2005

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