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Slangterm skapad av AREKU.
Sligga är mellantinget mellan att sitta upp och att ligga ner.
"Skall jag sitta eller ligga?"
"Ingendera, sligga istället!"
by Xela Cela February 29, 2016
"Sligga" is a Swedish slang word coined by AREKU, meaning the position between laying down and sitting up.
You're kinda sitting, but almost laying down.
The slang is derived from the two Swedish words "sitta" (to sit) and "ligga" (to be laying).
Verb form: "sligger"
"Either you sit up, it lay down"
"No, I want to sligga"

"Is he laying down or sitting up?"
"Neither, he sligger"
by Xela Cela February 28, 2016
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