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an injury caused by the recoil motion of the slide on a semi-automatic pistol. typically caused when the shooter has his or her thumb in the way.
The first time I shot my pistol I got a wicked slide bite on my thumb. I haven't made that mistake again!
by facefault November 07, 2011
A large obese liberal idiot, who looks remarkably like a frumpy middle-aged lesbian.
wow, this basil guy is a total slidebite
by wryvern October 14, 2007
A.) A giant, mythical, dickless sloth that lurches through the sands of Hockley looking for blowjob accidents.

B.) When one pops a cap and the gat snaps back.

C.) Accidental scraping of the penis during a toothy inexperienced blowjob.
A.) And so Slidebite journeyed on, past wal-mart to the edge of the free world... searching.

B.)Ow cabron! My hand got major slidebite from poppin' a cap in an SA on the South Side.

C.) DAMN cabron! this girl she slidebite mi pepe.
by terraasymmetry March 30, 2008
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