A slice of pizza
yo dawg, im pretty hungry, lets go to the pizza place, i could use a slice of cheese right about now.
by Stallion April 15, 2004
English, Slang: Vagina.
You should've seen the state of 'er slice!
by sl-EYE-ss February 05, 2003
"oohh slice! i totally just beat your ass for the 10th time at warcraft!"
by lauren August 31, 2003
An attractive woman. Any sexy female.
I went to the galleries and checked out the slice archive.
by Balano May 03, 2003
the new term for cool or hot
" thats so slice" - paris hilton
" you're lookin slice in those shorts"
by Hazelicious September 21, 2005
a black/African-American person
look at that slice
by shotpieceofmeat August 31, 2003
a fatass canadian jew
HAHA look at that slice over there!
by ayb April 19, 2005

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