A slice of pizza
yo dawg, im pretty hungry, lets go to the pizza place, i could use a slice of cheese right about now.
by Stallion April 15, 2004
A combination of Slutty and Nice. Used to describe a good looking girl that is indiscriminate about who she has sex with.
I'm trying to find a slice girl to bring home.
by Clarionman October 27, 2007
It is difficult to describe its greatness, but when talking about "The Slice" you are referring to one of the best places on Earth, Hunterdon County, in the awesome state of New Jersey.
I'm livin the slice life.
I miss the slice because it is the greatest place in the world.
by Becky O February 08, 2006
Nickname (M/F) for a true redhead. If collar and cuffs match then pubes will resemble a slice of pizza.
"Yo, Slice, how's your trip?"
by sKiDz June 07, 2004
another term for sex
I'm trying to slice it up with her later tonight
by Blue_Bomber April 30, 2004
Literally, the female gash. But generally used in a positive situation.
Whoah! look at that tasty slice over there!

(Or, if her mother is present "Whoah! I want some Old Slice!).
by notapaki August 20, 2003
a person with no moral towards guys, they do anything por them like a prostitute or a slut.
as if you would do that for him you slice.
by bobbiee April 18, 2008
1. Something badass
2. When some one gets insulted badly
1. Slice! Did you see that shit! It was amazing
2. Danm! That fool got sliced!
by Dipsologic May 27, 2005

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