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A mix between slut and sexy.

Dang that girl is slexy!

Shes so Slexy!
by slexy shit baby April 25, 2009
18 6
adjective to describe something that is both sleek and sexy.
OMG, that new Mazda Shinari concept car is so slexy, I'd trade two balls for that shyte.
by by12on November 23, 2010
9 4
The new sexy, it's a whole lot sexy with a little bit of sleazy, usually some rico suave mutha fucker
That antonio Banderas lookin'fucker is very slexy
by Leslie Jamieson November 08, 2006
11 11
Used as slang for sexy. Especially for monitored chat rooms.
"Jimmy is dang slexy."
by MAAM May 14, 2004
11 13
a cross between sleek and sexy (a michelle and ben original)
Meshell and Benny Boy are freaking slexy!
by Michelle Kuebler June 21, 2007
9 15