An efficient way of unnoticably skipping out on near half of one's life.
Good morning. Am I 53 already..?
by darklylit August 29, 2005
Something that is completly overrated.
College student: The last time I went to sleep was a month ago...and no...I don't miss it.
by Bex13 April 27, 2008
1. a point in time when somebody is feeling very tired / sleepy.
2. somebody wanting to go to bed because they are tired and need to sleep.
i'm so sleeps!
by lnk053 April 03, 2011
unaware of one's surroundings
blake: I dont know where my beer is!
cody: Boy, you f***ing sleep!
by gucci mane the flare June 19, 2010
not listening, don't care what you are saying
telling someone to sleep could be a gesture, slapping leg
by c durkee February 24, 2005
When something turns out to be better than expected; When you've missed out on something good.
I slept on those peas.
You slept on that Prince concert!
by Athena May 17, 2004
the one thing we never get.
Kuugo: hey, why don't you sleep?
Katsu: what the hell is that?
by AnonymouslyGreat April 02, 2016
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