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someone who finds an immense amount of enjoyment by waking you up from a really deep sleep.
Chad- "God, Rachel sucks!"
Mike-"Why what'd she do this time?"
Chad- "I was sleeping like a log and she woke me up for no reason!"
Mike- "What a sleep terrorist..."
by mel4 November 27, 2009
Someone who feels it is their mission to deprive you of the freedom to get good, restful sleep. Sleep terrorist are usually children, but can also be thoughtless adult azzholes who just don't seem to give a f**k.
I don't know why I even had kids. They're nothing but a bunch of sleep terrorists.
by Sleepy D February 24, 2010
Someone who sleeps for more than 10 hours a day.
You know what time Bagha woke up? 4 in the afternoon! Dude is such a sleep terrorist.
by L January 16, 2005
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